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Day Hockey + Camp Program

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Our 'Best in Class' day hockey + camp program is perfect for active boys and girls who have chosen to stay locally in the area and do not require overnight accommodations, but still want to develop their skills in hockey, while enjoying the very best of an Ontario summer camp experience.

**Registration NOW OPEN - Please check availability for your desired week **

The Ideal Camper for this Program

This program is perfect for the player (male or female) who has chosen to stay locally and does not require overnight accommodations (i.e. staying at their cottage, vacation rental or home, etc) but still want to experience a program that specializes in combining both exceptional hockey training and traditional camp activities. Players can work hard to improve their hockey skill in a fun, encouraging environment at the arena, then back at camp they can enjoy a variety of land and water-based activities the other part of the day.

Campers are responsible for transportation to/from camp. Lunch is provided. 

'Best in Class' Hockey Development

Our "Best In Class" hockey development program offers 10 intensive hours of ice time per week, focusing on high tempo, multi-skill drills based on today's best practices. An exciting Saturday scrimmage game is played at the end of the week to showcase player development to parents on check out day (note: two oldest sections, Rangers and Senior groups scrimmage is Friday night).

Each week, players are assigned to one of seven sections (age groups). Assignments are based ideally on players within each section being one grade/birth year from another. Players are further divided on the ice into one of four player ability groups (each group given different hockey jersey colour).

This system allows friends of similar age but different skill level to be together in the same section. In addition, whether you are a house league, AA or AAA player, you will be challenged based on your skill level ensuring no one is either bored or overwhelmed on the ice. 

Our highly trained and dedicated instructors have the balance of quality individual hockey skill with a child-centric interest to help campers improve. Our 6:1 player to instructor ratio provides campers with the individual attention they need to improve.

Additional Camp Programming

In addition to hockey, campers participate daily in two chosen land or water-based camp activities. Campers participate in these two activities either before or after hockey depending on their section's daily schedule. Each activity has a series of skill progressions taught each day and campers work towards levels or awards within the activity. No prior experience is required for any camp activity. Our highly trained instructional staff will ensure campers are taught the necessary skills and safety measures required for individual success.

Campers have the opportunity to sign up for their preferred land or water activities when they register online, but activities are confirmed on check in day. Click the Activities button at the top of the page to learn more about HOC's exciting activity options. 

WellFit Training 

Campers will participate in our newly revamped WellFit Training Program which highlights a well-rounded curriculum including both wellness and fitness components. 


Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

DAY Hockey + Camp Program | 5 days M-F + Saturday Scrimmage, available all 8 weeks

Age Groups

All Hockey Camp Programs: 7-16 yrs of age. 

Hockey Features

  • 10 intensive hours of ice time per week including scrimmage game, focusing on high tempo, multi-skill drills based on today’s best practices
  • 24 skaters (approx.), plus 3-4 goalies for each instructional group
  • 6 to 1 player to instructor ratio
  • Four player ability groupings per ice session (different jersey colours)
  • Increased individual attention, ensuring skill-appropriate instruction
  • An exciting Saturday scrimmage showcasing player development (Ranger/Senior sections scrimmage on Friday night)
  • Individual written player evaluation

Camp Features

  • Two chosen land or water-based camp activities
  • WellFit Training Activity
  • Activities taught by highly trained instructional staff
  • Skill-based progression for every activity, including an awards program for children to work towards
  • Rainy day program curriculum for each activity
  • No previous experience required for any activity
  • No additional charge for waterski & wake sports activity

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