Don't Play Hockey? Perfect.

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Don't play hockey, but want to hang out with your friends and have some fun this summer? No worries! We're still the perfect camp for you!

For Some Campers, There's More to Life Than Hockey!

That's why HOC offers so much more! So, if you want to attend camp with a friend or a sibling that wants to incorporate hockey training into their week – and you don’t, no worries. We've got lots of other activities!

When They're Skating, You'll be Having Other Adventures

Non-hockey players can enjoy an adventurous week of activities at our fully equipped traditional overnight camp in beautiful northern Ontario. If you choose not to participate in the hockey program, it simply means you get to choose to do more of the other exciting activities that we offer at HOC.

If you are in the younger four sections at camp, you will have your choice of four daily camp activities.

If you are in our older three sections, you will have a choice of two daily camp activities, plus an additional time period of general programming offering different activities each day (choices include water skiing, sailing, archery, mountain biking and kayaking).

You can bunk with any friends attending the same week, providing they are within one grade or birth year, regardless of which program they are in.