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WellFit Training Activity

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Newly Revamped WellFit Training Activity with Fitness and Wellness Training Components

This new WellFit Activity will be available for all campers in our Hockey + Camp Program, Ultimate Camp Program and the Water Ski Program.

Campers registered in each of these programs will receive 1 hour a day/5 days of training that is specified to their needs and wants.

Fitness Training 

Relentless Hockey

Fitness Training Components

Our Off-Ice Training Program delivers the ultimate fitness training experience for hockey players as well as campers in our other camp programs that want to develop the foundations of Strength & Conditioning. Campers will learn how they should train to develop the physical foundations that can help them take their fitness conditioning to the next level.

In partnership with Relentless Hockey, the HOC Off-Ice Fitness Training Activity was specifically designed for the development needs of youth athletes, with the objective to enhance physical literacy and movement skills, along with promoting the training practices that translate to enhancing performance on the ice.

Wellness Training 

Wellness Training Components

At HOC, supporting camper's overall mental health and wellness was key in the development of our curriculum. 

I am sure you have heard about yoga and meditation training. But have you ever heard about this unique type of wellness programming being available to campers at summer camp?

You may think, what's the need. Summer camp is inherently a relaxing and fun place to grow and learn. No stress here!

But have you ever thought that with a full active daily schedule, wouldn't it be great to be given one hour to recenter yourself, slow your pace and your thoughts and learn the benefits of both yoga and meditation. Campers will gain awareness tools, insight and guidance into their own energy systems and wellness. 

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Age Categories

All Ages: 7-16 yrs of age

Fitness Training Features

  • In partnership with Relentless Hockey, the fitness training components deliver the ultimate fitness training experience for hockey players as well as campers in our other camp programs who want to develop the foundations of Strength & Conditioning

Wellness Training Features

  • In partnership with Power Yoga Canada instructor Jax, the wellness components deliver the opportunity to explore regular and restorative yoga practices, breathing techniques, and meditations

Equipment Required

  • Shorts
  • Running shoes and socks
  • Water Bottle
  • Hat and sunscreen for outdoor training
  • Yoga mats/equipment will be provided

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