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Employee Rights

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As an employee of Hockey Opportunity Camp, you should know your rights as a worker in Ontario.

1. Right to Know
The right to be informed about existing and potential hazards in the workplace and how these hazards are controlled.

2. Right to Participate
The right to participate in workplace health and safety activities and to be represented through an OH&S committee.

3. Right to Refuse
  • The right to refuse to do work that a worker has reasonable grounds to believe is dangerous to his/her health or safety, or that of another person at the workplace.
  • A worker exercising the right to refuse to work must immediately notify his/her supervisor.
  • A worker shall not take advantage of the right to refuse without reasonable grounds.
  • No discriminatory or disciplinary action will be taken against a worker who exercises the right to refuse.
  • The supervisor shall reassign the worker to other duties while the work refusal is being investigated.
  • The supervisor will not reassign another worker to do the refused work unless the substitute worker is informed of the prior refusal.