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Activities at HOC

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Summer camp is a time for new adventures and learning. At HOC, campers have a great selection of activities to choose from, in addition to hockey training, that take place in the beautiful Ontario wilderness surrounding our camp.

At HOC, we have a camp activity for everyone!

Based on your program, campers get to choose up to two land or water-based camp activities to participate in daily.

We recommend that parents and campers sit down together at the computer and browse through the web pages for each camp activity before registration. (Click on a link below to view.)




Signing Up For Activities

You will have the opportunity to sign up your camper for their preferred land or water activities as you register your camper.

All activity choices will be finalized once at camp, giving your camper the opportunity to change their choice based on weather, scheduling conflicts, friend’s choices, instructors, etc. 

Campers are guaranteed one of their selected activity choices, which will be confirmed on Sunday Check-In day.

Campers are enrolled in their second activity based on availability and scheduling. Therefore, please choose an alternate activity in the event that one of the others is not available. 

Multi-Level Instruction

Instructional activity sessions are skill based, age appropriate and fun. Experienced and certified instructors teach each camper a series of skill progressions throughout their time at camp. This enables campers to work through one of three levels within each activity: Bronze, Silver, Gold.

Trying New Activities

When campers think of the activities offered, they may consider using this time at camp to try an activity they have never done before or learn a new skill within a familiar activity.

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Activity Period 1

Activity Period 2

Important Note

Campers in our Overnight Hockey & Overnight Water Ski Programs cannot choose duplicate activities (i.e. Archery in both Activity Periods). Two different activities must be selected. However, campers in our Overnight Ultimate Camp Program may choose duplicate activities, including Waterskiing. 

Instructor Experience

See each activity page for the description of the experience required for each type of instructor.

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