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Group Request Form

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Please complete the following Group Request Form. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days, providing your unique Group Approved/Discount Passcode, instructions to forward to each group member's parents, and an outline of the Group Coordinator Expectations.
1) Submission of this form does not guarantee or save camper spots.
2) Upon receipt of confirmation email, Campers in the group will be required to register within 20 days of the Group Coordinator receiving the HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode confirmation email, in order to be eligible for the Group Discount. Space is based on first come, first serve availability.
3) In order to be linked to and apart of the group, all group members must enter the Group Approved/Discount Passcode (provided via confirmation email) during the registration process.
4) You must have a minimum of 4 campers (group members) in order to submit this Group Request Form. You may submit an additional form if you have more group members than spaces available.

You can only select one camp week per camper at this time. Additional weeks or programs can be added by each camper's parents at time of registration.

Please wait for your confirmation email before proceeding with any camper registrations. Your unique Group Approved/Discount Passcode (provided via confirmation email) will be required in order to register as a group in the registration portal.
By submitting this form, the Group Coordinator confirms they have obtained consent from each member parent to provide the member names to Hockey Opportunity Camp for the purposes of establishing a group discount.