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Counsellor In Training (CIT) Program

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This four-week Counsellor in Training program is designed to prepare eligible candidates to work effectively with children in an overnight summer camp environment, and to become outstanding mentors and leaders. 

The Ideal Camper for this Program

The Counsellor in Training program is an application-based program that is ideal for candidates who show strong initiative, are eager to continue a commitment to build their leadership experience and have a passion for working with kids in hopes of one day working in an overnight summer camp community. Candidates must have just completed grade 10 (ages 15/16) to attend for the program and prior leadership training is an asset. There are only 24 spots total in the program across both sessions (12 females and 12 males). Program Acceptances will be sent out in the middle of February. Please submit your application no later than February 3rd to allow time for an interview. 

Program Features

Although not a prerequisite, it is strongly recommended that all CIT applicants complete HOC's Leader in Training (LIT) program or equivalent (at other camp/organization) and have a serious interest in working with children in order to qualify for this program. The CIT program builds on experience gained through the LIT program. Candidates build on their understanding of the four core principles (Community, Leadership, Accountability, and Performance) and begin to refine those skills to best suit their individual leadership styles in order to excel in a camp environment. 

During the 4-week (overnight program) session, candidates receive training in areas such as leadership, mentoring, counselling and activity instruction. Under the direction of two Staff Development Coordinators, the program is also designed to develop the interpersonal and professional skills of each participant.

Other skills that are formed include; self-esteem, self-confidence, communication, organization and goal setting. Participants will be given a choice of professional development certifications to work towards within the program including Bronze Medallion or Bronze Cross swimming certifications through the Royal Life Saving Society.

Program Schedule

The first two weeks will focus on specific counselling strategies, instructional techniques, and sports skill development in all available camp program areas. The schedule is organized to focus primarily on counselling skills in order to prepare CITs for the mentor program. Activity classes are provided to create interest in various camp program areas, increase skill level and develop instructional methods.

During the second two weeks, CITs will be assigned to a specific staff member. This part of the program will allow the CITs an opportunity to put into practice the skills they have developed. During this time, CITs will be assigned to a mentor (veteran camp staff) and become an active member of the counselling staff team. While gaining practical experience, they will:

  • assist with activity skills lessons
  • assist with the supervision of evening activities
  • assist with the planning and organizing of a section “Special” (group activity with forty campers)
  • assist with campers while at the arena if assigned to a Hockey Counsellor Mentor
  • assist in cabins at camper bedtime
  • assist with the supervision of campers at meal times

Leadership and counselling skills will be applied in practical situations by:

  • supervising campers in both small and large groups
  • dealing with homesick campers
  • handling minor discipline situations
  • helping organize and plan camper activities
  • acting as a positive role model and mentor

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Apply to be a Camp Counsellor in Training

July CIT Session

July 2 - July 29, 2023

August CIT Session

July 30 - August 26, 2023

Age Groups

15-16 yrs of age (Completed Grade 10)

Program Features

  • Bronze Cross training/testing (Prerequisite: Bronze Medallion )
  • Emergency First Aid/CPR training/testing
  • Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Certificate
  • 2-week Counselling Mentor Program
  • Training sessions (camper care, homesickness, etc.)
  • 3 night/4 day canoe trip in Algonquin Park
  • Group activities
  • Program provides letter confirming 40 hours of community service completed

How to Apply

  • Applicants must apply by completing the "Counsellor in Training Application Online" and submit a resume
  • Confirm an interview time (you will receive an email after applying)
  • Successful candidates will receive an email with a program offer in mid-February. Afterwards, parents/guardians can register their camper in campsite. 

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