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Group & Team Registrations

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Groups or teams of 5 campers or more can take advantage of our simple online group registration process in order to secure group discounts. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the group registration process right for us?

Group registration is a great way to take advantage of discounted rates as well as offer your camper an opportunity to share in the camp experience with friends/teammates. Having said that, we would like to ensure that families who enroll understand the philosophy and parameters around the group registration system in order to ensure a positive camp experience for all. 

Camp is a wonderful experience that your camper may be excited to share with friends/teammates or may be more comfortable being away from home if they know they can bunk with other familiar faces. It is for those reasons that we designed our group registration system. Equally as important is the understanding by parents and campers that camp is also a wonderful place to meet new friends and be open to new experiences outside of the group dynamics. This understanding also ensures that any camper who does not enroll within the group system (but as an individual) also feels just as secure and comfortable attending camp.

What is the minimum number of campers we need to qualify as a group?

The minimum number of campers is 5. All campers must be registered in either the Overnight Hockey + Camp Program or Overnight Ultimate Camp Program. 

What is a Group Coordinator?

A group coordinator is an individual who 1) recruits 5 or more campers and 2) sets up the group via the Group Request Form, therefore facilitating the group's registration process. 

Beyond the discounts on the rates for each camper, are there any additional benefits for the Group Coordinator?

Yes. The Group Coordinator will receive an additional 'savings discount', which can be applied to one camper's registration fees (after taxes). The more campers in the group, the larger the savings discount. (See the sidebar for specific amounts).


HOC Group Request Form and approval DOES NOT guarantee the availability of camper program spots in the requested week. Campers registering as part of a group must still confirm availability (see availability calendar) prior to registering.

What are the steps for registering a group?

To register a group, the Group Coordinator submits a Group Request Form online and then communicates and facilitates the registration process with each parent of the campers in the group. PROCESS: HOC will NOT BE sending out any communications (e.g. email) to group members. It is the responsibility of the Group Coordinator to ensure group members receive the correct information for group registration. 

STEP 1: Collect the full names of each member of the group (must have a minimum of 5 names to submit a Group Request Form) and the camp program each camper will be enrolling in. Please note that the only two programs that are eligible for a group discount are Overnight Hockey + Camp Program OR Overnight Ultimate Camp Program. In addition, the Group Coordinator's own child(ren) should be included in the list.

STEP 2: Click this link to submit a Group Request Form. You will be asked to enter the information collected above.

STEP 3: Once the Group Request Form has been received and approved, the Group Coordinator will receive a HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode confirmation email back (allow for 1-2 business days in some circumstances) from a HOC Administrator. The group confirmation email will outline the following:

  • Unique Group Discount Passcode with further details for all parents to follow when registering their child(ren) in the group.
  • The expiry date for Group Discount PasscodeCampers in the group will be required to register within 20 days of the Group Coordinator receiving the HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode confirmation email, in order to be eligible for the Group Discount. 
  • Group Coordinator expectations and next steps.

STEP 4: The Group Coordinator must contact each parent of the campers listed on the Group Request Form. Our recommendation is for Group Coordinators to send all group parents (via email) a copy of the HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode confirmation email (see above) so they have all the necessary information in writing.

IMPORTANT: All campers in the group must enter the HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode in order to view and select the group rates and to be linked to the group for cabin assignment purposes.

STEP 5: Once the 20-day expiry has passed, the Group Coordinator will receive a second email outlining the status/list of all campers who have successfully registered within the group. The Group Coordinator will then be required to submit a Cabin Request Form based on this confirmation. The Cabin Request Form can be located under the Forms section of the Campsite Parent Dashboard.

STEP 6: The HOC Administrator will then allocate the appropriate Group Coordinator Discount to the Group Coordinator camper's registration account. Discounts will be based on the number of campers registered in the group within the 20-day period (see the sidebar for specific discount levels).

Is there a deadline for parents of campers in the group to complete all the registration details?

Yes. Campers in the group will be required to register within 20 days of the Group Coordinator receiving the HOC Group Approved/Discount Passcode confirmation in order to be eligible for the Group Discount.

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Group Rates

Overnight Hockey + Camp Program: $1,270 + 13% HST
($140 off regular rate)

Overnight Ultimate Camp Program:
$1,125 + 13% HST
($155 off regular rate)

Additional Group Coordinator Savings

Savings earned by the Group Coordinator are accrued based on the number of campers in the group.

5-9 campers = $100 (Incl. 13% HST)
10-14 campers = $200 (Incl. 13% HST)
15-19 campers = $325 (Incl. 13% HST)
20 + campers = $450 (Incl. 13% HST)

Important: Please Read!

Group rate is only applicable to campers who have been listed on the Group Request Form. If a camper has registered prior to the group being approved, they are not entitled to the group rate or cannot be counted in as one of the minimum 5 campers. No exceptions. 

Questions? Call Today!

Can campers in Day Hockey + Camp or Day Hockey Programs qualify as part of a group?

No. Campers in Day Hockey + Camp Program or Day Hockey Program do not qualify as group members.

Is there a group discount for the Overnight Water Ski Program?

There is no group discount to campers registering in the Overnight Water Ski program, but these campers can still be counted as part of the group total.

Do all campers in a group need to attend camp the same week?

No. Campers in a group can attend different weeks.

Do the campers in a group have to be the same age?

No. Campers do not all have to be the same age to be registered as a group; however, campers that differ in age beyond 1 birth year could be assigned to another cabin or section (see below).

How are groups organized in terms of cabins & bunks?

Every effort is made to accommodate all bunking requests of similar aged campers. Groups larger than 5 campers may be split up into separate cabins (and possibly separate sections) for bunking assignments. 

The Group Coordinator will be responsible for assigning campers to separate cabins (if required). Parents of campers in the group must communicate to the Group Coordinator any special cabin requests. The HOC Administrator will only communicate with Group Coordinators to finalize any cabin assignments.