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Introducing Wellness Training @ HOC

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We take training to the next level and suited to the individual needs of each camper, offering two different unique options as part of our new WellFit Activity.

Today we’d like to highlight one of those unique options – Wellness Training and the incredible staff committed to facilitating the program this summer.

Supporting camper's overall mental health and wellness was key in the development of this customized Wellness Training activity.

I am sure you have heard about yoga and meditation training. But have you ever heard about this unique type of wellness programming being available to campers at summer camp?

Each day of the week (5 days) will be grounded to a natural themed element (Earth, Water, etc.) and will focus on different components of Wellness.

Campers will enjoy ‘Air’ Tuesdays as they work on focus, while being outside in the natural flow rhythm of life or 'Fire’ Wednesdays where they work on stability/core for more of a power yoga session.

Wellness Training Developer – Jax

As a former staff member at HOC, and current Power Yoga Canada instructor, Jax has come back to share her knowledge/expertise to develop this amazing wellness training that campers are going to love.

"My name is Jax, and for most of my life I have lead an athletic lifestyle through many activities and team sports until numerous hockey injuries over 23 years of playing led me to the saving grace of yoga.

Being given proper tools to understand how my body, mind, and spirit are connected has given the ability to focus for longer periods of time, use my breath to calm and ground myself as well as be more compassionate towards myself and other human beings."

2021 Wellness Instructor – Spencer

Spencer is returning to HOC for her second summer but is taking on a new and challenging role.

As a graduate of Nipissing University in April 2020 with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree and a current student in the Bachelor of Education Degree Program, Spencer brings with her excitement and knowledge to motivate campers throughout this activity.

“As the first instructor for the new Wellness Training at HOC, I am very excited to provide a program that is beneficial to our campers' mental health and well-being, especially after such a tough and unusual year. Looking forward to the summer ahead.”