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Wellness Training With PYC Instructor Jax

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At HOC, supporting camper's overall mental health and wellness was key in the development of our customized Wellness Training Activity.

I am sure you have heard about yoga and meditation training. But have you ever heard about this unique type of wellness programming being available to campers at summer camp?

You may think, what's the need? Summer camp is inherently a relaxing and fun place to grow and learn. No stress here!

But have you ever thought that with a full active daily schedule, wouldn't it be great to be given one hour/day to recenter yourself, slow your pace and your thoughts and learn the benefits of both yoga and meditation? Campers will gain awareness tools, insight, and guidance into their own energy systems and wellness.


When we hear the word meditation we may or may not think of a monk sitting on a mountain top. However, meditation in this training activity may look more like this...

  • Quiet nature hike with breaks for a 10-minute breathing exercise.
  • Restorative practice on the yoga mat focusing on breathing
  • Go on a mindful journey with a visualization meditation


When we hear the word yoga you may or may not first think 'women in stretchy tights with yoga mats' when in fact this practice is 1000s of years old and was mostly practiced by men. 

In today's world, the practice of yoga is so important to manage one's overall wellness by providing an activity to calm your mind, destress your worries, and strengthen your body. Here's what you can expect...

  • Power yoga and stretching yoga poses
  • Breathing techniques to increase lung capacity
  • Dhristi practice (eye gaze, focus) to sharpen your focus
  • Fun, challenging and stretchy yoga poses to strengthen muscles and support bone structure.

HOC has teamed up with Power Yoga Canada Instructor (PYC) Jax (see her story and bio below) to help develop our Wellness Training activity. Jax has created a 5-day program that promises to give campers the opportunity to experience yoga postures, regular and restorative yoga practices, breathing techniques, and meditations to support their own wellness while at camp and after they leave.

 Jax will not only train and support our qualified on-site instructor but she will be at camp during weeks #1 and #5 to guide campers through the wellness training herself. When she's not at camp, campers will follow her step by step yoga and meditation practices through video, supported by our on-site instructor.

It is our intention to keep the program light, fun, and informative and most importantly give them the tools they will be able to implement right away.

Jax also knows a thing or two about camp and working with campers. She spent many years at HOC as a Hockey and Dryland Instructor and we can't wait to have her work with campers again!

Bio: PowerYoga Canada Instructor Jax

Jax Instructor                                                                                           

My name is Jax, and for most of my life I have lead an athletic lifestyle through many activities and team sports until numerous hockey injuries over 23 years of playing led me to the saving grace of yoga.

When I transitioned from hockey into yoga it no longer became a team competition but an inward journey. For 8 years I have been an enthusiastic student of yoga and through the practices of self-love, gratitude, meditation, journaling, active self-inquiry and asana in many forms while favouring Baptiste inspired power yoga, I continue to discover my own superpower strength not only physically but also mentally and energetically. 

Being given proper tools to understand how my body, mind, and spirit are connected has given the ability to focus for longer periods of time, use my breath to calm and ground myself as well as be more compassionate towards myself and other human beings.

I wake up and do my best to practice and teach these practices by being a student and teacher of my own body, mind, spirit.

I value connection to self, to others, and the universal energy. I like to have fun and live in the very truth that the present moment is all we have. I believe through the power of teaching ourselves to love more that we will change the world to something beyond what we know.

“We all have something within us that this world needs”

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Age Categories

All Ages: 7-16 yrs of age

Activity Features

  • Meditation Practices
  • Regular and Restorative Yoga Practices
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Nature Hike
  • Water Aerobics

Equipment Required

  • Comfy loose clothing
  • Water Bottle
  • Yoga mats and equipment will be provided

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