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Test Group Request Form 2021

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*Please Note: Due to the implications of Covid-19 we are opening registration at 1/2 capacity for 2021. In order to successfully place campers in cabins at 1/2 capacity, our group registration process has changed. Therefore we ask that you please review this form carefully, to ensure you are aware of the changes for 2021.

Please complete the following Group Request Form. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email within 1-2 business days, providing your unique Group Approved/Discount Passcode, instructions to forward to each group member's parents, and an outline of the Group Coordinator Expectations.
1) Submission of this form does not guarantee, save, or hold camper spots. Registration is still based on first-come-first-serve. All campers in the group are not guaranteed a spot within the requested week until they register individually and receive an email confirmation from HOC. Receiving a group code does not guarantee as spot in the requested week. Make sure all members of the group register as soon as possible so that they are not disappointed! 
2) Upon receipt of the confirmation email and passcode, group members must submit an individual enrollment request within 20 days.
3) In order to be linked to and apart of the group, all group members must enter the Group Approved/Discount Passcode (provided via confirmation email) during the registration process.
4) NEW FOR 2021- You must have a minimum of 4 campers (group members) in order to submit this Group Request Form.
5) NEW FOR 2021- Campers must be allocated in pairs of 2 (within one birth year of another) for cabin requests and in groups of 4 (2 pairs within one birth year of another) for section requests. Groups with 4+ campers, may not all be allocated to the same section.
6) NEW FOR 2021- Campers not allocated to a pair, or beyond the minimum 4 campers, will be treated as individual campers, and placed in cabins and sections with other campers their age.

You can only select one camp week per camper at this time. Additional weeks or programs can be added by each camper's parents at time of registration.

NOTE: Groups with more than 4 campers (within one birth year of another) may be split amongst different sections during their camp stay. Please plan your group(s) accordingly.

Pair #1 (2 campers requesting to be in the same cabin)

Pair #2 (2 campers requesting to be in the same cabin)

If your group is larger than 4 campers please complete and submit an additional 'group request form' with the same Coordinator Info at the top. You will receive the same group passcode in order to link each submitted form. Group Coordinators will receive a $75 discount per each group of 4 registered campers.
Please wait for your confirmation email before proceeding with any camper registrations. Your unique Group Approved/Discount Passcode (provided via confirmation email) will be required in order to register as a group in the registration portal.
By submitting this form, the Group Coordinator confirms they have obtained consent from each member parent to provide the member names to Hockey Opportunity Camp for the purposes of establishing a group discount.