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HOC's Four Pillars for Staff

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  • Work and live in harmony with all other HOC employees and campers.
  • Respect and treat all HOC affiliated persons with dignity and equal opportunity, regardless of faith, race or cultural traditions, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, colour, or physical ability.
  • Assist in keeping the HOC facility clean and safe for all to enjoy.
  • Notice and accurately interpret what others are feeling, based on their words, tone of voice, expressions and other non-verbal behaviour to acknowledge the concern and address any camper issues immediately.
  • Take a personal interest in both campers and staff and work to develop positive professional relationships.


  • Act and represent yourself as outgoing, positive and responsible leaders.
  • Work to identify teachable moments and extract positivity from every camper interaction. Creating positive memorable impressions.
  • Take ownership of a situation and see the camper’s needs through from beginning to end.
  • Exercise appropriate judgment in handling camper and staff situations.


  • Ensure that every camper’s experience is a positive one.
  • Be accountable for yourself and your peers in respect to the expectations of HOC Directors as outlined in the Employee Handbook, and recognized best practices in child care.
  • Ignorance by staff members towards a camper's needs, or to the rules and expectations of employment, is not an excuse for unacceptable behaviour.


  • Provide exceptional camp experiences to all campers and perform all duties and responsibilities to the best of your ability.
  • Positively challenge others to reach their own full potential.
  • Seek ways to enhance the camper experience in unexpected ways.
  • Try to exceed camper expectations.
  • Show initiative and take action with an appropriate level of independence.
  • Approach all tasks with a “can-do” attitude, understanding that there is no other kind of attitude at HOC.

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