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Ultimate Program Rotation Activities

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Ultimate Camp campers will participate in a daily rotation of three (3) fun and adventurous activities, in addition to their choice of two (2) traditional summer camp activities.

Unique Rotation of Fun and Adventurous Activities

Campers get to enjoy a unique rotation of fun and adventurous activities that are only available to our Ultimate Camp Program campers as guaranteed one hour Activity Rotations.

Rotational Activity options to look forward to:

Aquaglide Challenge Track 

It’s big, it’s slippery, it’s challenging and most importantly, it’s tons of fun. This Challenge Track will suit our busy waterfront best. Its obstacle style course offers campers the opportunity to safely test their balance, climbing skills, agility and speed on the water.

Campers will have the opportunity to tackle the challenge track multiple times throughout the week. 

Axe Throwing (not available to two youngest section groups)

Do you have great hand-eye coordination, that is right on the money? Prove it! Get in touch with your primitive self and learn all the axe throwing skills you need to compete. You will get in touch with their primitive self, take an axe in hand and propel it towards real tree stumps.

Supervised by our highly trained staff, this activity takes place within a secure private throwing area and at a safe target range. It all begins with individual instructions and coaching, leading to a round-robin tournament, and then to a knockout tournament, where the two finalists will then square off for axe throwing glory!

Low Ropes/Bouldering Wall

Not quite as high as our Outdoor Wall structure, this activity still tests your climbing, balance, and agility skills as you maneuver through the low ropes circuit and/or horizontal bouldering wall. 

Disc Golf

This 9-hole disc golf course is set up throughout the landscape of lakeside camp. Campers use regulation disc golf frisbees to test their throwing skills and reach the disk golf baskets. The fewer throws you need to reach the basket, the better your score!

Lily Pad

The Lily Pad is a camp favourite water activity. The Lily Pad tests balance and core strength skills while providing many laughs and splashes. Campers swim out from shore and then climb aboard the floating foam pad to have some fun. 


Using our catamaran-style sailboats, campers learn the basics of rigging a sail and using wind direction to propel themselves forward. Our quiet bay makes learning even easier and campers are bound to enjoy sailing through the water on a beautiful sunny day.

4 Court Beach Volleyball

A new twist to beach volleyball! Designed for smaller groups, 4-Court Beach Volleyball allows for a more fast-paced, fun game, where everyone is involved.

Arts & Crafts

Explore your creative side during our Arts and Crafts sessions. Campers will have the opportunity during the week to complete crafts of their choice ranging from friendship bracelets, paint rocks, building dream catchers, and many more. 

Field Games/Slacklining

From kickball, to capture the flag and ultimate frisbee, Field Games at HOC are always action-packed. Campers will have a chance to release some energy and enjoy these team-sport activities. The Slackline is a suspended piece of flat webbing that campers must walk and balance on to make it across in one go. This fun and trendy activity gives campers the chance to develop their balance and core skills while working towards individual goals. 

Forest Games

Camouflage is a predator-prey hiding game played in a 50m2 zone in the forest. Campers hide and chase each other as predator or forest dweller, by learning to conceal themselves and their movements.

Giants Ladder/Trust Activities

The Giant's Ladder is a multi-person climb on our high ropes challenge course, where campers have to work together to reach the top. Trust Activities use minor games and activities to have the campers work together to perform various tasks. Campers are bound to develop their teamwork and communication skills with these two dynamic activities.


Campers will be taken out on our pontoon fishing boat, to try their hand at reeling in a big one on Eagle Lake. Using a catch and release fishing style, the instructor will teach the campers how to bait a hook, cast a line, and jig for a fish.

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Rotational Activities 

3 activity time blocks scheduled daily (M-F) 

  • Aquaglide Challenge Track
  • Axe Throwing
  • Low Ropes/Bouldering Wall
  • Disc Golf
  • Lily Pad
  • Sailing
  • 4 Court Beach Volleyball
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Field Games/Slacklining
  • Forest Games
  • Giants Ladder/Trust Activities
  • Fishing

Important Schedule Note

Campers will not be able to choose their daily rotation of activities.
Ultimate Camp Program campers will all participate together in the Daily Rotation Schedule. 

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