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Congratulations and welcome to the HOC summer staff team of 2016. This page has all the required documents and links you will need in order to complete the staff hiring process. CIT's will also find required program material and documentation.

Please review your employment contract for all required forms and documentation.

ALL STAFF - Mandatory 2016 Employment Documents
CIT Documents are Located at the bottom of the Page 

Each of the following documents must be read, completed, and submitted by each staff member for the 2016 summer season by May 1, 2016.

1) 2016 Employee Handbook
In this handbook you will find HOC Staff Policies, Terms and Conditions of Employment, Staff Guidelines and more useful summer employment information. All staff are required to review this handbook before returning their signed employment contract. 

2) 2016 Employee Health History Form
All staff are required to complete and submit a 2016 Health History Form.  All information collected is private and shared with HOC Health Care Staff only and Sr staff as required. Any known or limiting conditions that may effect job performance must be discussed with an HOC Director prior to the employment period to ensure the safety of all employees and campers. 

3) Staff Criminal Records Check Letter
All employees must acquire a valid Criminal Reference Check from your local police authority. The above link will assist you in determining what screening you require.  Those over the age of 21 must also acquire a Vulnerable Sector screening. Information on the type of screening you require for you and your local police authority is provided (Vulnerable Sector Request Letter). You must complete the Vulnerable Sector document yourself and fill in your local police detachment address of which you plan on acquiring your check from, along with additional personal information.  
All returning employees must review the required documents section of their contract offer to see if they require a new Criminal Reference Check for 2016. HOC will only honour Criminal Checks 18 months from date of application. 

City of Toronto Residence must submit the following form for processing. TorontoPoliceCheckDoc.pdf

4) Employee Offence Declaration Form
All staff (new & returning) must complete and submit a current Offence Declaration with your signed contract. Staff must disclose to their employer any current or past offences. The Offence Declaration does not replace a Criminal Reference Check, the purpose is to have a current status of any offences since a Criminal Reference Check was last acquired (within 18 months), or it allows the employer to move forward with a contact position while a Criminal Reference Check is being acquired by a new staff member.

5) 2016 Provincial and Federal Taxes Forms
All staff need to complete both the Provincial and Federal Tax Forms 
        Provincial TD1
        Federal TD1

6) Ontario Worker Health & Safety Program - Workers
Staff can use this free training program as one way to meet the minimum training required by the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training regulation.  This training is for all staff members who have not completed this training and have yet to submit a copy to HOC.

Ontario Worker Health & Safety Program - Supervisors
This training is for all staff members who have been hired in a supervisory role this summer (e.g. Section Heads, Program Heads, Head Hockey Instructors).

7) Staff under 17 YOA - Employment Parent Consent Form 
All staff beginning the summer employment period, that are under 17 years of age must complete, with their guardians, the Parent Consent Form. 

2016 Required and Recommended Certifications 

1) Respect in Sport
All staff members must complete the "Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Program" certification online through the HOC RIS portal. The cost of the Respect In Sport certification through the HOC RIS Portal is $25.00 per person. If staff certify through the HOC RIS Portal, HOC will subsidize each staff member $10.00 for successfully completing this online course. Therefore, a charge of $15.00 will be put on each staffʼs Tuck Account this summer (working out to be $5.00/yr for the 3 year RIS certification).

2) First Aid and CPR
All staff need to acquire or provide a valid First Aid & CPR certification.  

3) Aquatic Certifications
Valid Bronze Cross / NLS is mandatory for all staff working on the HOC waterfront. All staff that have any water related certification must provide a copy of their certification to HOC. The Royal Life Saving Society certification number seen on each water certification card can be provided on the employment contract instead of attaching photo copies.  We will print off each staff members certification and keep a copy in your employee file.

4) Other Certifications
All staff members are required to provide proof of their current level of certifications. Required certifications will be provided on staff contract offer. Failure to provide proof of certification may affect the employee’s rate of pay and employment position. No re-certification’s will be offered during the summer. Examples may include a Pleasure Craft Operators card, CWSIC Instructors course and any hockey coaching certifications.

CIT Documents

1) 2016 CIT Program Handbook
In this handbook you will find CIT Program Policies, Terms and Program Conditions, CIT Guidelines and more useful summer program information. All CIT's are required to review this handbook before returning their signed program agreement.

2) Criminal Reference Check 
All CIT's must acquire a valid Criminal Reference Check from your local police authority. The above link will assist you in determining what screening you require.

3) Respect in Sport
All CIT's must complete the "Respect in Sport - Activity Leader Program" certification online through the HOC RIS portal. 

4) CIT Registration Form and Health Form
Please fill in all required personal registration information and complete the payment process on individual camper registration form. Along with Camper Health History Form attached.