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Water Ski Video Analysis/Feedback Feature

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Water Ski Video Analysis/Feedback

We're taking our instruction to the next level and providing campers with the opportunity to develop their skills through video analysis/feedback.

Water Ski Video Analysis/Feedback

What better way to detect and correct your skills than to watch yourself on video? During our Overnight Water Ski Program, our instructors will take videos of each camper as they are on the water, in order to provide a better teaching tool off the water. If a camper is struggling with a certain movement or trick, the instructor can focus the video on the camper during that component of their run. Then, once off the water, the instructor will have time to review and analyze each video with each camper in order to provide direct visual feedback.

From developing better form and efficiency to helping to land a new trick, this new feature of our Water Ski Program is bound to be beneficial to our campers.

Rates Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Availability Hockey Opportunity Summer Camp

Overnight Water Ski Program | 6 Nights + 7 days (available all 8 Weeks)

Age Groups

Campers Birth Year: 2008 - 2011

Program Features

  • 3 hours on the water each day (M-F)
  • Small class size (6 campers max. per age group with two instructors)
  • Video Analysis/Feedback 
  • 1 other chosen land or water camp activity daily 
  • WellFit Training Activity
  • Digital Photo as a great summer memory

Program Benefits 

  • 6 Campers Per Boat, 2:1 Camper to Staff Ratio, lots of one on one teaching time
  • Try and improve your skills in all water sport disciplines
  • Nationally certified instructors that teach and drive all classes
  • Campers share a portion of the daily schedule with all cabin/group members including all meals and 2 daily activities.

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