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Hockey Assistant

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Job Title: Hockey Assistant
Reports To: Hockey Director/Head Hockey Instructor
Number of Positions Available: 3 (Female)

Hockey Assistants are staff who have a special interest in hockey and working with children. They work with campers during their daily hockey sessions both on-ice held at the arena and during WellFit sessions back at camp. 

Hockey Assistants work closely with each other, the WellFit Instructor, and the Hockey Instructors to ensure proper supervision and instruction for the campers. Responsibilities include bus supervision, dressing room and lobby supervision, assisting the Head Hockey Instructor on ice by setting up pucks and pylons for drills, supervising and assisting the WellFit Instructor during WellFit Training, and assisting on Fridays/Saturdays during the Showcase Scrimmage games. Instructors are responsible for teaching campers the safety requirements of each program ensuring that all participants use equipment properly and follow safety standards. This includes providing care to our campers that reflects the standards and guidelines of HOC’s Child Care Practices. Each Instructor is responsible for their program area and maintaining equipment in good order for the next program period.


  • Supervise campers on the bus, while in transport to and from the arena, in the dressing room. Also responsible for supervising campers in the arena lobby if they are not skating with their section and/or are in between ice sessions/during floods.
  • Ensure campers follow their posted arena timetable and bus schedules.
  • Take direction from the Head Hockey Instructor while on the ice by demonstrating drills and working individually with campers on specific skill development.
  • Supervise & provide care for players off the ice (bathroom breaks, minor injuries, homesickness, equipment repair, etc).
  • Hockey Assistants are the first staff called upon for cabin coverage for staff weekends off and other assigned duties.
  • Communicate with the Camp Counsellors / Section Heads / Counselling Coordinator-PR /Counselling Director in regard to camper issues and concerns at the arena.
  • Manage Arena Logistics:
    • Maintain equipment both on and off the ice (pucks, locking stick racks, pylons, etc).
    • Prepare skates for skate sharpening pick up and delivery.
    • Ensure dressing rooms are thoroughly cleaned and swept before leaving the arena Friday night and/or Saturday after check out.
    • Ensure stick racks are organized and locked every day before you leave the arena.
  • Assist with Friday night / Saturday Showcase Scrimmage games as assigned by the Hockey Director.
  • Assist with evening cabin supervision duties, as scheduled by the Activity Director (usually once per week).
  • Participate in Sunday Work Brigades and Check-In Procedures.
  • Distribute and collect game-worn jerseys for Friday night / Saturday Showcase Scrimmage games.
  • Ensure that campers with special medical/personal needs are properly supervised.
  • Any changes to shift assignments must be approved by the Hockey Director.


  • All staff are required to deliver every day our Brand Promise “Best Summer Of Your Life” in each camper and staff interaction. Guided by our four core principles, Community, Leadership, Accountability, and Performance.
  • All staff are expected to abide by and enforce camp guidelines of respect. These are the rules and expectations of behaviour implemented to maintain a fun and safe camp environment.
  • All staff are responsible for the safety and security of each camper in their care. Staff are to follow prescribed program standards and lesson plans in order to ensure the highest level of care and instruction.
  • Attendance for all staff to the June orientation week training is mandatory. This training period is where each staff will receive essential employment information and training for a successful summer experience.
  • Participation in camp-wide special events (Evening Programs, All Camp Activities, Campfires, and Friday Finale) and weekly meetings are an expectation of all staff members.
  • The dynamic nature of summer camp demands each staff understand that additional duties may be assigned as required.


  • Room & Board Provided.
  • Weekly Staff Hockey & Water Skiing.
  • Staff working a full eight-week contract period are entitled to one weekend off. The maximum number of instructors off per weekend is four. Schedule your weekend off with the Hockey Director at the start of your contract.
  • Time off weekly - Saturday evening.
  • Time off daily - depending on weekly schedule.
  • Access to program and recreation equipment.
  • The chance to work in a close knit supportive community that values staff health and wellness, creativity, and employee success.
  • The opportunity to develop life skills, applicable to multi-faceted career opportunities.
  • An experience that will last a lifetime.

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Staff Orientation / Training: TBD
Employment Period: June 30, 2024 – August 24, 2024
Wages: Summer wages depend on qualifications, responsibility, and experience. Room and board are included.


  • Minimum 17 years of age and currently enrolled in Grade 12 or higher.
  • Genuine interest in hockey and working with children.
  • Must have a strong hockey background.
  • Experience teaching and communicating with children of varied ages. Specific camp experience an asset.
  • Experience coaching, or working with children on-ice, an asset.
  • Current certificate of Emergency First Aid and CPR,.
  • Respect in Sport certification.
  • Must be enthusiastic, energetic, and positive.
  • Must be willing to take part in camp related activities outside the defined job description.