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Sharing Summer Camp with Teammates/Friends

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Posted in Countdown to HOC 2022

Hockey is back and your team is set! Wouldn't it be great to extend your season and enjoy something new and fun with your teammates/friends?#sharecampfun

We all know the multiple benefits that come with participating in a team sport or group activity. To name just a few, they include;

  • building strong social relationships,
  • developing teamwork and leadership skills
  • and improving communication skills with peers.  

What you may not be as aware of is that these skills can further be enhanced when team members share in new experiences, outside of the team dynamic.

At HOC, we know that summer camp is fun but we also know that coming to summer camp with your teammates or a group of friends can be beneficial in so many ways.


For any new camper that find themselves worried or anxious at the thought of attending overnight summer camp, they may be comforted by knowing they will have the support and guidance of many familiar faces around them. 

Enhancing Friendships

Friendships are enhanced when you share in new and different experiences together.  How much fun would it be to learn a new sport/activity like water ski with your teammate?

Sharing Strengths & Talents

In many cases, friends get to see new and unique qualities, strengths and talents in their teammates that they may not have had an opportunity to see before.  You may find out that your teammate loves to mountain bike? Or that they can shoot an arrow dead centre of the bullseye? Or that they can scale the climbing wall with ease? 

Building New Relationships

Just because you come to camp with friends/teammates, doesn't mean that you won't meet new friends. In fact, the structure of HOC camp programming is meant to help build new relationships while still enjoying time with the friends you came with. The group just gets bigger once you come to camp!

Group Discount Savings!

We appreciate the marketing support that comes when teams and groups spread the word about HOC. That is why, when you attend summer camp together, we want to make sure to pass on the financial benefit back to both the campers and the group coordinator. Check out Groups & Team Discounts for more information.  

It's a win-win experience for all.