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Thanks...Eagle Crest Family Retreats Memories

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Posted in Countdown to HOC 2022

Thanks...Eagle Crest Family Retreats Memories

Thank you to all of the families that came to enjoy Eagle Crest Family Retreats with us this summer.

We loved hearing the laughter of kids playing again, we loved seeing staff doing what they do best, we loved having parents experience the same love of camp that their kids feel and we especially loved seeing families embrace all the wonderful adventures that come with a ‘great outdoors’ Northern Ontario family vacation.

It was great reuniting with former campers and staff that wanted to share the camp experience with their families, meet new families who wanted their kids to have a summer camp experience and connect with camp families who didn’t even bring their kids but wanted to enjoy time on the lake. We hope that we were able to create wonderful memories for all.

Eagle Crest Family Retreats has now come to a close and we wanted to express our gratitude to have had the opportunity to host such a wonderful and successful experience, in light of the need to pivot camp this summer. 

Family Retreats Summer 2021 was very special and even though many of our families have asked if we could somehow continue hosting Family Retreats in the future, for now, we are setting our sights towards summer 2022 and are excited for the return of hundreds of campers and staff running around enjoying summer camp as it should be!