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Health Centre Match Game and Answer Sheet

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Our on-site Health Centre is well equipped and ready to manage many of the health care needs of the camp community.

The health centre is managed by our incredible health care team that includes a weekly rotation of Doctor or Nurse Practitioner as well as Nurse (on-site 24/7).  In addition, HOC hires a Nursing student for the entire summer who helps transition all medical information from week to week, supporting the Doctor, Nurse Practitioner and Nurse with the administrative duties of the health centre as well as medical needs of the camp community.

Now that you know what our Health Centre is all about,
it's time to play a fun Health Centre Match Game.

See if you can match the item found in the health centre with what it's used for at camp? Click on the pictures below to play (the answer sheet is shown upside down so you don't cheat!). Have fun!