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Introducing Our 2020 HOC Staff Team

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Introducing Our 2020 HOC Staff Team

The final days of summer 2020 are upon us. Although we weren't able to join together on the shores of Eagle Lake this summer, we still want to acknowledge all the wonderful, dedicated and talented staff that would have made up the 2020 HOC Staff Team.

We pride ourselves on taking the time to interview, choose and hire great staff every year. This year wouldn't have been any different as we were set to have over 120 counsellors, program and hockey instructors, senior staff, support staff and healthcare staff join us from all over Ontario, Canada, as well as a few from the US and different parts of the world.  

In order to capture the memory of our 2020 HOC staff team and ensure our yearly HOC staff photo tradition continues, we had sent staff an HOC t-shirt and asked them to send back a portrait photo. 

Highlighted in the photo gallery below is a number of staff photos that we have received so far.  You can scroll through the pages (by clicking next on the bottom right button) to see all the pictures.

Photo Gallery Note: Due to some difficulty in getting everyone's photo (many of our international staff have yet to receive their t-shirts) all 2020 staff are not shown in the gallery. We look forward to updating the photo gallery as more staff photos are submitted.

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