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2020 HOC Playoff Challenge Round 3 Entry Form

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2020 HOC Playoff Challenge Round 3 Entry Form

It's Round #3 of the Playoff Challenge. We need your picks!

Thank you for submitting your Playoff predictions for the HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Challenge. 

We are keeping a tally of your all your points based on your team submissions for the Qualifying, Round #1/2.

Please submit your predictions for the next round of 2020 Playoffs: Round #3. 

Complete the form below by 8 pm, Sunday September 6, 2020.

Playoff Challenge Rules/Restrictions:

  • Entry Deadline Round #3: 8:00 pm, Sunday September 6th, 2020.
  • Only participating entries submitted prior to the deadline are entered into the challenge round.
  • Entries only accepted via form below.
  • Valid email address is required to submit entry. Participating players will be emailed all links to future rounds submission forms. 

Challenge Points System:

  • Qualifying Round - 1 point per winning team prediction (total of 8 points available)
  • Round #1 - 2 point per winning team prediction (total of 16 points available)
  • Round #2 - 2 points per winning team prediction (total of  8 points available)
  • Round #3  - 3 points per winning team prediction (total of  6 points available)
  • Round #4 (final round) - 4 points for winning team prediction (total of  4 points available)

Complete Form Below to Enter

2020 HOC Summer Hockey Playoff Challenge

Round #3 - Team Games/Predictions

Listed below is the best-of-7 series matchups and breakdowns. Please review and choose one team from each series.

East Teams Round #3:

EAST TEAM SERIES #1: Tampa Bay vs. New York I.

West Teams Round #3:

WEST TEAMS SERIES #1: Las Vegas VS. Dallas

Please complete contact details below and press submit below to enter your HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Challenge Round #3
2020 Playoff Round #3 Point System:
3 points per winning team prediction (total of 6 points available)
Privacy Note: Name and email addresses will only be used to contact winners and to send challenge information. Players who enter HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Round#3 will continue receive an email link to access next round of playoff series games/predictions.