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HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Challenge: Round #1 Entry Form OLD

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HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Challenge: Round #1 Entry Form OLD

We Need Your 2020 Playoff Round#1 Predictions!

Thank you for submitting your Qualifying Round Entry for the HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Challenge. 

We have calculated all your challenge points based on your team submissions for the Qualifying Round and will be keeping an ongoing tally.

Please submit your predictions for the next round of 2020 Playoffs: Round #1. 

Complete the form below by Midnight, Monday August 10, 2020.

Playoff Challenge Rules/Restrictions:

  • Entry Deadline Round #1: Midnight, Monday August 10, 2020.
  • Only participating entries submitted prior to the deadline are entered into the challenge round. Entries only accepted via form below.
  • Valid email address is required to submit entry. Participating players will be emailed all links to future rounds submission forms. 

Challenge Points System:

  • Qualifying Round - 1 point per winning team prediction (total of 8 points available)
  • Round #1 - 2 point per winning team prediction (total of 16 points available)
  • Round #2 - 2 points per winning team prediction (total of  8 points available)
  • Round #3  - 3 points per winning team prediction (total of  6 points available)
  • Round #4 (final round) - 4 points for winning team prediction (total of  4 points available)

Complete Form Below to Enter

2020 HOC Summer Hockey Playoff Challenge

Round #1 - Team Games/Predictions

Listed below is the best-of-7 series matchups and breakdowns. Please review and choose one team from each series.

East Teams Round #1:

EAST TEAM SERIES #1: Philadelphia vs. Montreal
EAST TEAM SERIES #2: Tampa Bay vs Columbus
EAST TEAM SERIES #3: Washington vs New York I
EAST TEAM SERIES #4: Boston vs. Carolina

West Teams Round #1:

WEST TEAMS SERIES #1: Las Vegas VS Chicago
WEST TEAMS SERIES #2: Colorado VS Arizona
WEST TEAM SERIES #3: Dallas VS Calgary
WEST TEAM SERIES #4: St Louis VS Vancouver

Please complete contact details below and press submit below to enter your HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Round #1
2020 Playoff Round #1 Point System:
2 points per winning team prediction (total of 16 points available)
Privacy Note: Name and email addresses will only be used to contact winners and to send challenge information. Players who enter HOC Summer 2020 Playoff Round#1 will continue receive an email link to access next round of playoff series games/predictions.