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Views Of The Week - Sunrises, Sunsets and Campfire

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Posted in Countdown to HOC 2022

Views Of The Week - Sunrises, Sunsets and Campfire

Even though camp isn't currently in session, beaming bright sunrises, warm sunsets and our traditional Friday night campfire glow, all rounded out the views of the week. 

Camp was very quiet and isn't the same without the hustle and bustle of campers, staff, boats and buses.

Even though you aren't able to be with us, we wanted to share and hope you enjoy the week's views around camp. 

The weather was exceptionally warm and would have made for 'hot and sticky' camper cabins.

It would have been the kind of week where the cabin fans would have been roaring 24/7.

And where every camp activity ended with a 'dip in the lake' to cool off.

In honour of the week's end, we lit the traditional Friday Night Campfire to keep the tradition alive.

Unfortunately, this year, the campfire didn't include a packed colosseum with campers, staff and sing-alongs. We'll look forward to doing that again next summer - until HOC2021!

Summer Contest Hint: Take a look for Captain Camper in the photos!