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Meet Captain Camper.. and HOC Summer Contest!

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Posted in Countdown to HOC 2022

We seem to have a roaming lone camper at HOC this summer... goes by the name of Captain Camper! We are seeing him all over camp. He seems to be following us around and showing up in our pictures and videos. He wanted us to send you a message that 'he misses you'.


We need your help to keep an eye on Captain Camper for us. Consider yourself his camp counsellor for the summer. And we are going to make it worth your while.

Starting today, everytime you see Captain Camper in a photo or video posted in our 'Countdown to 2021' blogs, make sure you keep an ongoing tally. Hint: He can be seen in this blog twice, so to date the tally count is 2!

That way, at the end of HOC 2020 summer (Saturday August 29th) you can enter our Captain Camper Count Contest to win an awesome ‘HOC swag bag prize pack’.

We will pick one lucky winner from all contest entries that are the correct Captain Camper tally count. 

Meet Captain Camper