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Jake Pauley Shares Memories of Inspiring Campers, Pt. 2

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Jake Pauley Shares Memories of Inspiring Campers, Pt. 2

Being homesick didn't stop this camper from having fun and making the most out of every single day.

There was a camper who started at HOC in one of our younger sections. He was very homesick every night.

Despite this, he probably had the most passion for camp I have ever seen.

He would always have a smile on his face, no matter what he was doing; a new activity, playing hockey or cleaning the cabin.

Every night, he would sit outside the cabin and wait until he felt tired. He did this to make sure that he was not disturbing anyone in the cabin who was trying to sleep. When he felt tired, he would simply and quietly go into the cabin and go to sleep.

This camper has returned for the past 5 summers and will be returning this summer as a CIT (hopefully).

I think the most important thing I remember about this camper is that he didn’t allow the fact that he missed being at home (because who doesn’t) prevent him from having the most fun possible at camp!

I will also remember how much fun he had every day and all the energy and enthusiasm he brought to my cabin!

- Jake Pauley, Counsellor, Senior Staff

10 Years with HOC
Staff: 6 years | Camper: 4 years