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Jake Pauley Shares Memories of Inspiring Campers, Pt. I

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Jake Pauley Shares Memories of Inspiring Campers, Pt. I

Camp is a place to grow and learn.

It was my first summer working at HOC. I was a counsellor and it was my second week. My first week with a full cabin of my own.

There was one particular camper in this cabin who was at camp for the first time. He was the only kid in the cabin who had never been to HOC before.

On the first day, he was pretty nervous about going mountain biking. He had never been biking through the forest before. In fact, he was so nervous that he didn’t end up going the first day.

I remember talking to him that night and asking if he wanted to do a different activity the next day. He just said, "Nope, I want to try mountain biking because I don’t get to do it at home" (in Oakville). Sure enough the next day he went biking and loved it.

He even won the Mountain Biking award at camp that week!

- Jake Pauley, Counsellor, Senior Staff

10 Years with HOC
Staff: 6 years | Camper: 4 years