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Summer Camp at HOC is Magical by Heidi Hayes

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Summer Camp at HOC is Magical by Heidi Hayes

Every second you spend at camp is magical.

My favourite kayaking class I ever taught was an 8:15 morning class with only two campers in it.

Every morning, the two campers and I would paddle out and watch the mist rise from the lake in the early morning sun. The three of us had great conversations and the two campers were always eager to get onto the water despite the early morning start.

The best morning was when we came across two loons. We became so still and quick the loons continued to swim around our kayaks. It was magical.

Being able to provide this rare opportunity to these two campers is what camp is all about. Camp allows children to have magical experiences by enriching their days with activities and supportive staff!

Although this class was not the most exciting or upbeat class I taught, it stands out as one of my favourites because I was able to make a great connection with these two campers while providing them with an experience of a lifetime!

Advice for an Incredible Summer Camp Experience

My advice to staff is to enjoy the moment. Every second you spend at camp is magical.

Sometimes we, as staff, can get accustomed to the magic of camp when we have been living there for a couple of months.

When this happens, my advice is to take a breath look around.

I guarantee you will find something that will make you smile and show you the magic of camp again.

- Heidi Hayes, Senior Staff

3 Years with HOC