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HOC Update Re: Coronavirus (COVID-19) - April 17/20

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April 17, 2020

We hope this update finds you and your family healthy and coping well with the current Covid-19 situation. As follow up to our last update, we wanted to reach out again today to offer our latest update regarding the 2020 summer season. 

Our intention with all our updates is to be as forthright as possible, while understanding the reality of uncertainty and continuous change. We want to address what we know and are thinking, hoping and planning for the summer season, in order to best prepare you and your camper. Truth is, what we know for sure is that we are not sure of anything right now - a real challenge for all of us!

I am sure your household is similar to ours right now and there are a lot of questions from the kids. When are we going back to school? when can I see my friends? when can I play sports again? and if they are already dreaming of the summer, will I still be able to go to summer camp? My daughters ask every day if camp will run this summer.  They, like most kids crave the opportunity to be active, enjoy nature, socialize with friends and experience all the fun and freedom that has recently been taken away from them.

I know firsthand how difficult it is for our children to understand what the world is suffering right now, and comprehending how life has changed in recent weeks, and what the future might hold.  I also know how important it is for all of us to have something positive to look forward to, including still being able to enjoy summer camp this season. That being said, our approach remains the same. Any decisions we make regarding the summer of 2020 remain based on the health and safety of our campers, staff, and community with the guidance of the Province of Ontario and the North Bay Parry Sound District Health Unit. So, we continue to hope for the absolute best, and prepare for the opposite - possible closures.

Here's What We Know;


We are still moving forward with our spring/summer staff hiring and training preparation. Although, given the new directives by the Province of Ontario to extend the Emergency Orders further into May, we are now looking at implementing new changes to adapt to the situation accordingly. 

We have already let our spring staff know that their May arrival/start date will be delayed (new date to be confirmed). Our spring staff would normally arrive onsite in a few short weeks, battling mosquitoes and black flies to prepare/clean all camp cabins, facility and grounds so that we can be ready to open for our spring and summer season.  

Final Payment/Cancellation Deadline:

In order to provide time and flexibility for all of us to better understand if and how the current situation will affect our summer season, we have extended the final payment/cancellation deadline.

The NEW final payment deadline is now June 1st, 2020 (extended from May 1st, 2020). The $150.00 cancellation fee will remain the same but the cancellation date is also extended to June 1st (final payment deadline). 

Possible Summer Scenarios - If Week Sessions Are Cancelled/Refunds:

There are several scenarios that we, like most summer camps, are currently evaluating and considering. One of those scenarios may be that we will be required to cancel some or all of our 2020 camp week sessions (9 camp sessions this summer). 

Please be assured that if we are required to cancel camp week sessions for any reason, we will be giving full refunds (of all monies paid to date - no cancellation fee) back to all campers enrolled in those weeks affected by the cancellation. 

Office Contact:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out. Given that our office remains closed, the best form of communication is via email to

We want to thank all of our families for their patience and understanding during these difficult times and trust that we will continue to keep everyone updated on developments that may affect your camper's stay with us this summer. 

Stay well, stay positive and stay motivated. We hope to see you soon.


Camp Director Kevin

Social Media Communication Alert:

We are currently looking into new ways to stay connected with our campers,
staff and community via our social media outlets.
Have your camper connect with us on Facebook/Instagram - @hoccamplife and stay tuned!