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Wellness & Events Director

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--IMPORTANT NOTE: Prior to applying for 2022 HOC Staff, all staff candidates must click here to review the latest HOC Covid-19 Plan and potential implications to all staff job descriptions --

Job Title: Wellness & Events Director
Reports To: Camp Director 
Number of Positions Available: 1

The Wellness & Events Director is hired to help manage multiple aspects of wellness within our entire camp community. This person is responsible for working amongst campers and staff to promote camp-wide wellness and a positive camp experience for all.

This role requires someone with a dynamic and self-starter personality, who is highly motivated about personal health and wellness. Weekly duties include; providing support to staff who may be struggling with aspects of camp or their job duties; organizing and coordinating staff wellness activities and events; and demonstrating creativity to maintain a high level of morale within the entire camp community.

By overseeing the HOC Wellness Committee, the Wellness & Events Director will help to maintain the fun and excitement of summer camp. This person should have great task management skills, as well as the confidence to lead and organize weekly committee meetings.


  • Role Specific Responsibilities
    • Act as a support resource for staff, providing suggestions and advice to ensure a successful camp experience for all.
    • Create a plan and schedule for checking in with staff who require additional support.
    • Manage a Wellness Committee of 3-5 staff, to plan, organize, and implement weekly staff wellness activities & events.
    • Within the Wellness Committee, plan, organize and implement Saturday evening staff events, and weekly staff intramurals.
    • Within the Wellness Committee, plan, organize and implement weekly camp-wide theme days and events (e.g Jersey Day, Wacky Hair Day, etc).
    • Manage the camp-wide HOC Challenge, by managing daily section points and offering assistance with daily challenges when required.
    • Organize/execute weekly camp-wide campfires and events, including Friday Finale.
    • Organize/manage weekly Tournament Award winners, and maintain names on boards posted in the Jr Rec Hall.
  • Sr Staff Team Responsibilities
    • Reinforce the camp philosophy, policies and standards by acting as a role model to the staff and being an active participant in the camp community.
    • Provide leadership and guidance to staff and campers.
    • Improve the effectiveness of camp programs by establishing clear and concise goals.
    • Ensure staff provide care to our campers that reflect the standards and guidelines of HOC's Child Care Practices.
    • Accept responsibilities to maintain the Master Camp timetable.
    • Ensure that proper equipment use and safety rules are followed by staff.
    • Work with Program Staff to create and execute camp programming that is age appropriate, productive, and fun.
    • Attend, organize and facilitate sessions and programming for Staff Orientation Week in late June.
    • Attend the Senior Staff Training Weekend in late June.
    • Participate in and take a leadership role in the training for land search and rescue procedures and assume a leadership role during a land emergency.
    • Carry an assigned radio and be available in case of an emergency at all times.
    • Assist with all Sunday camper check-ins.
    • Make any transportation runs (ie. Clinic / Hospital) that are required, provided that you are free at the time.
    • Complete a Program report and update program manual at the end of the summer.
    • Complete weekly Sr Staff duties as scheduled (Office shift, Cabin Supervision, nightly rounds etc.), approximately 2-4 duties per week depending as required.
    • The Wellness & Events Director can expect between 8-10 hrs of scheduled duties daily not including other duties as assigned based on program needs.


  • All staff are required to deliver every day our Brand Promise “Best Summer Of Your Life” in each camper and staff interaction. Guided by our four core principles, Community, Leadership, Accountability, and Performance.
  • All staff are expected to abide by and enforce camp guidelines of respect. These are the rules and expectations of behaviour implemented to maintain a fun and safe camp environment.
  • All staff are responsible for the safety and security of each camper in their care. Staff are to follow prescribed program standards and lesson plans in order to ensure the highest level of care and instruction.
  • Attendance for all staff to the June orientation week training is mandatory. This training period is where each staff will receive essential employment information and training for a successful summer experience.
  • Leadership and participation in camp-wide special events (Evening Program, All Camp Activities, Campfires, and Friday Finale) and weekly meetings are an expectation of all staff members.
  • The dynamic nature of summer camp demands each staff understand that additional duties may be assigned as required.


  • Room & Board Provided.
  • Weekly Staff Hockey & Water Skiing.
  • The Wellness & Events Director is allowed one weekend off. This is scheduled with the Camp Director at the beginning of the summer. To ensure that we are able to schedule Duty Weekends around Saturday Evening Supervision responsibilities, staff need to be flexible around their personal schedule. Weekly time off will be scheduled each week that may include mornings, afternoons, or additional weekends free of assigned duties.
  • Time off weekly - Saturday evening (3 in-house themed events + 3 opportunities to sign-out and leave camp property).
  • Time off daily - depending on weekly schedule.
  • Access to program and recreation equipment.
  • The chance to work in a close knit supportive community that values staff health and wellness, creativity, and employee success.
  • The opportunity to develop life skills, applicable to multi-faceted career opportunities.
  • An experience that will last a lifetime.

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Staff Orientation / Training: TBD
Employment Period: July 3, 2022 – August 27, 2022
Optional Employment: May & June 2022, Week #9 August 28 – September 3, 2022
Wages: Summer wages vary depending on age, qualifications and experience of applicants. Room and board are included.


  • Minimum of 19 years of age.
  • Organizational background with experience in planning events and working amongst a team recommended.
  • Experience working with children of varied ages in a supervisory or teaching situation. Specific camp experience an asset.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate, evaluate and deal effectively with problem-solving situations within the area of responsibility.
  • Valid G driver’s license.
  • Genuine interest in personal wellness.
  • Current certificate of Emergency First Aid and CPR.
  • Mental Health First Aid certificate.
  • Respect in Sport certification.
  • Must be an enthusiastic, energetic and positive person.
  • Must be willing to take part in camp related activities outside the defined job description.